No doubt many businesses are still scrambling to get their ducks in a row for the GDPR ‘D-Day’.

Which is, er.. right now.

For completeness please see our own updated privacy policy here.

Below are some useful links to ensure you’ve got things right, and importantly, how to stay compliant:

…& a handy infographic…—data-protection-checklist-13.jpg

Notice to all our customers:

On May 25, 2018, the GDPR directive passes into law, and becomes enforceable – bringing with it significant potential penalties, including huge fines and sanctions for non-compliance. You have a legal obligation to comply with the GDPR for any and all personal data you many hold or process on behalf of your customers.

Do drop us a line, if you need some help getting through it all.

I can assure you officer, I only hold a few emails.