It’s another feather in the cap this month for our SCL ‘Babel Script’ connector; Google Captcha is now parsed and supported.

Babel Script is a secure, server side ‘multi-stanza’ PHP script, that is particularly useful for online marketing campaigns.

Simply put, Babel Script solves the problem of the heavy lifting in secure online data capture. Babel Script will prep & send web form data or other online activity (e.g. a quiz), to multiple third party data service providers.

Babel Script will parse forms, format, queue-up and send data to multiple destinations, waiting for successful confirmations at each iterative send.

So far there is support for: AdForm / Marketing Town / Google Captcha / Additus / DoubleClick / Adestra / MailChimp / SMS Gateways / It also supports PCI compliance.

The script has formed the basis of many high profile online campaigns for the financial, publishing and charitable sectors.