It’s a common enough requirement, but native WordPress (great though it is), still doesn’t handle tables too well. More specifically, fully responsive ones. For any vaguely complex table, one generally needs to hunt around for a third party plugin to insert and manage such content.

We had a similar need from a customer who wanted to present a complex table of products – and one that sensibly ‘racked and stacked’ in mobile view. Thus we have developed our own ‘SCL WP RESPONSIVE TABLES‘ plugin; this neatly adds a table editing tool in the toolbar of  WordPress admin & post processes the tables when rendering, to produce beautifully responsive tables – i.e. perfect list views on mobiles and fully wide multi column view in larger browser sizes.

It’s a little perplexing that such an intrinsic part of modern responsive page content still isn’t part of the WordPress core. To help others out, we will very soon be bundling and posting our plugin to the WordPress repository.