Woman on Beach Pop Art Email CampaignFollowing a spot of marketing activity this month, we were reminded of the great skill possessed by those artists of what might be called ‘Pop Art’ or ‘Pulp Fiction’ art.

Our campaign featured a superb, highly stylised painting, from the 50’s we believe. Sadly the artist’s name for this piece has been lost down the decades; the original oil on canvas had no artist attribution and no signature. A bit of Googling will reveal some gorgeous pieces out there – mainly lush 50’s and 60’s book covers – but most have no record of the skilled artists who created them; the publishers are also long gone. I’ll wager the artists were paid a pittance too. I’m also reminded of (and those of a certain age may recall), some Ladybird reading books, that well into the 1970’s, employed similar styles and palettes.

Truth is, we’ve little hope of discovering to whom we could give personal congratulation for this piece, (long gone too no doubt), but let us know if by a million to one chance you recognise it?

Here it is in our eye catching missive.

Answers on a seaside postcard please.