Just a bit of late news to add: One of our longest standing  customers phoned us up the other month, asking if we could help with something entirely unrelated to their website. Specifically, they were involved in a campaign to help save Newlands Corner – a well known and much loved natural beauty spot near Guildford, Surrey – from the hands of the developers and the meddling clutches of Surrey County Council. Knowing the place well, we were more than pleased to help.

Since this was a volunteer effort only, with no budget whatsoever, we recommended that she put up a blog on WordPress.com – you can see it here – http://savenewlandscorner.com/ . This solution offered many advantages – a) All the administration functions would be very familiar to her, since her business website used essentially the same platform code – WordPress, b) it was hosted on a bullet-proof and well publicised platform – all the better for a novice ‘rolling their own’ in a short time, c) it was free.

We ourselves, did little more than offer some good advice on page layout, and some helpful instruction on how to link to their e-petition and social networking pages and other bits and pieces – but all the work was carried out by our client, herself. We hope you will agree, she can be pretty proud of her efforts. And, if you live locally, and have any views on the subject, please do visit http://savenewlandscorner.com/ , leave a comment if  you will, and, if you are so inclined, do please sign their petition to conserve this wonderful location.