easelArtwork and media bring your web site or promotion to life. Sound and vision can capture attention and convey vast amounts of information.

SystemCore and its partners can produce media and artwork of many types, from concept, through production, to finishing and final rendering to your audience.

Not only can we create the media itself, but we also specialise in the technology that delivers it efficiently and effectively over the internet. Art content isn’t just a one-way form of communication either: using technology such as HTML5, jQuery, SVG, H.264 or mobile apps, we can make the whole experience truly interactive.

As part of customer turnkey projects, or alternatively as piece-work assignment, we can manage procurement and production of:


  • 2D static images for web or print
  • 2D animated images and recordings (Animated GIF) for banners, training, games
  • 3D animated scenes with full user interaction and embedded objects
  • Professional photography – original and stock, location and model shoots
  • Professional video footage – from clips to full blown television production
  • Professional Audio recording and voice-overs
  • Media productions can be stored and presented over a variety of different mediums and in a variety of formats, including MP3, MP4, H.264, and DVD


SystemCore are constantly growing its network of talented multi-media and graphic artists, not only by trusted referral but also by doing the ‘milk-round’ through the UK’s top design colleges and universities.

Whether its perfectly executed, conservative branding or fresh contemporary style, we pride ourselves on accepting nothing less than pixel-perfect artwork for your project.