This month we designed and implemented a chatbot on one of our customer’s sites. The client wanted to gain better engagement with website visitors, whilst at the same time, filtering and routing different types of enquiry, without the burden of extra manual involvement. A simple chat bot fulfilled these requirements, together with a raft of new content both to support it and to aid in SEO for the website generally.

Our work involved a review of technology available, production of a shortlist, and assistance with final selection, based on functionality, ease of use and importantly costs. The chat-bot package from won out at the end of the day.

We designed the bot conversational flow according to anticipated use cases and user personas, available content and desired conversion points. Several reviews were included before the bot finally went live. The customer is very happy with the results and the chat-bot is already fielding new enquiries on their website.

We were also pleased to discover, that a number of other clients are now interested in a similar solution. If you are interested in hosting a bot on your site, please do get in touch with us.