We were honoured to be invited to a reception hosted Sir John Cass’s Foundation recently, who were announcing publication of their ten year impact report. The Cass foundation are London’s largest education charity, and provide assistance to individuals and organisations throughout London, in pursuit of helping the disadvantaged gain access to high quality education across a vast number of different fields of study. The foundation itself was founded over two hundred and seventy years ago by Sir John Cass, a successful merchant, an MP, Sherrif, Alderman and philanthropist of his day.

The report itself highlights the past ten years of performance and impact across 14 boroughs of London: over 300 individual grants awarded totalling over £17m, with a further £32m provided by way of in-kind support and benefits, to individuals and organisations across the boroughs.

The London Metropolitan University provided the splendid venue for the event, and the university’s Vice Chancellor Professor Lynn Dobbs, gave a fine introductory address, together with Sir John Cass’s Foundation Chairman John Hall and Cass’s Chief Executive Richard Foley. Andrew Stone, head of the Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design at the University, also presented. Although many people were involved in the production of the report, and in arrangements of the event, we understand special  mention goes out to Megan Falck – Grants Manager,  Sophie Fernandes – Grants Director and Richard Foley – CEO – as the hub of the production team.

It was a fascinating afternoon, with a chance to chat with a great many people representing many varied organisations across the Arts, Sciences and Humanities within education – from University vice chancellors, to Charity Directors, to Theatre Directors and others; all doing good and important work, and all benefiting mutually from their association with Sir John Cass’s foundation.

What struck me most was the earnestness and good intent that all these people had in common, and the positive way in which the Cass Foundation was regarded as helping make real material advances in providing educational opportunity, and social inclusion, across London.

We were particularly pleased to learn of the continuing and growing success of the Hampshire & Cass Foundation Mountain Centre (based in the Brecon Beacons), the Cass inspired student/child mentoring schemes being run by a growing number of institutions including the Cass Business School, and the foundation’s ongoing work with the Prisoners Education Trust and the London College of Fashion.

Of course these are but a few examples of current projects and partnerships and the Cass Foundation’s roster of such supported and assisted projects is extensive and diverse; it is a great privilege to be able to meet and talk with some of the fascinating and dedicated people actually involved in these missions at a ground level.

SystemCore are very proud to provide the website and the ICT services that support the Cass Foundation in its important work.

To find out more about the Sir John Cass’s Foundation, its family of organisations, and the work they do, and to obtain a copy of the impact report, visit their website at: https://sirjohncassfoundation.com.