Anderson Harvy (AH) …are a specialist technical provider to the telecoms industry, providing network routing analysis and data services to the chief UK and international mobile operators.

We got a call from AH with a request to plan and manage the migration of all their business activities over to Google Apps from legacy systems (including Office365), with attendant backups, installs, DNS, A/MX and CNAME configurations, mobile devices and training. The project went very smoothly given what we thought at first to be only cursory documentation by Google about such migrations. Dig deeper however and Google have done a pretty good documentation job – some of it’s not immediately accessible but it’s all there, and the responsiveness of Google’s servers and storage speeds continues to impress.

Of note here were Google’s migration and synchronisation tools for Outlook, which worked pretty much flawlessly – and better (and faster) than other plugins I’ve seen for Outlook, written by Microsoft themselves.

To have successfully completed our largest Google Apps project to date is a great positive, and adds to our experience and expertise in this service area.