compasses3“Luck is the residue of design” — John Milton.

Design is about describing exactly what we want to end up with, making sure we can get to it from where we are and with what we have available. Good design can’t be made any any simpler; it allows fewest possible assumptions and makes complete and consistent sense in all practical contexts.

SystemCore endeavour to make good design a paramount principle; something that makes people want to come to us, rather than anyone else. Good design has the advantage that it doesn’t cost us any more to produce; in fact just the opposite.

It’s an iterative process, a science and an art. When designing a complete web application we must take into account that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and devote equal care to all aspects:

Conceptual design…

Means visualising the broad scope and coming up with a rational approach that is also original. It means your promotional campaign will be as effective as it is memorable; the benefits of your on-line user environment extend naturally to other areas of your business, the wider e-business model.
Good conceptual design requires a special mix of background knowledge and lateral thinking as well as systematic analysis. It often involves techniques such as brainstorming, linguistic analysis, systematic filtering. Its quite often true that people don’t know exactly what they want, until you show it to them.
By combining our technical, commercial and creative know-how with yours, we can start to design the future.

Visual design…

Covers creation of user screens, page layout, graphical components, even 3d animations. First impressions count; the visual presentation of your organisation needs to be perfect.
Every year, SystemCore tour the graduation exhibitions of Britain’s top design colleges and universities hunting the most talented creative artists and finishers; helping them to kick-start their careers and helping you to achieve quality and originality. Many artists will say there’s nothing like the freedom of a tight brief and nothing so difficult as a blank sheet; only real talent can demonstrate success either way.
Whether the order of the day demands professional, conservative branding or fresh contemporary style, we pride ourselves on providing nothing less than pixel-perfect artwork for your project.

Engineering design…

This is at the core of our business. Engineering design covers not only code, but also database, process and interface design.
A good engineering design is one which fulfils your immediate functional requirements completely, consistently and with greatest efficiency.
It must produce reliable and robust solutions. It should also be adaptable and make provision for the future growth and development of your organisation. It should exhibit elegance, built on the best current practice and proven technology.
SystemCore’s aim is to achieve zero defects, designed-in quality, something that works, perfectly.

Content design…

Content design in general and good copy-writing in particular is a real art and a fresh pair of eyes on any subject can bring great benefits. What you personally think is important about your company or your products may not resonate in the same way with your customers.
Whether the context is technical or commercial or both, whether the audience is termed ‘business’ or ‘consumer’, producing good copy in any language can be the longest, hardest part of any internet project.
It’s one area you simply have to get right and achieving the perfect balance between total precision and effective sales pitch is second nature for our professional writers and translators. We can help to mitigate the risks, the delays and the pain of producing professionally written copy for an increasingly ‘over-informed’ world audience.

Contextual design…

“Always design a thing by considering it in its next larger context — a chair in a room, a room in a house, a house in an environment, an environment in a city plan.” – says architect Eliel Saarinen.

This approach is never truer than in the highly connected virtual world of the internet.
Your web site is useless unless people know about it, can find it and access it; if the benefits of the experience outweigh the cost of acquiring it.
Contextual design is concerned with profiling an audience, their interests, the places they visit, revisit and hang out. It leads us to formulate, effective digital marketing campaigns; it needs to culminate in for example, improved site popularity, improved customer loyalty and increased sales.

In this often neglected and misunderstood sphere, SystemCore’s knowledge and experience bring you measurable, positive results.