cookerGood project planning and accurate costing are critical to a successful project; from your point of view and from ours. We pride ourselves on being able to say that technically, almost anything is possible, it’s just a matter of how much time and money are available.

To make sure we make the most efficient use of the available time and budget, project deliverables are prioritised into must-have, should-have and could-have. Time-boxes and cost-boxes are defined, along with delivery checkpoints and inventories. The end result is that we retain tight control of small, well defined and easily manageable work-streams and are able to make earliest possible delivery of the most essential items.

Project management is based on the industry standard Prince II methodology , and incorporates all the key points of quality assurance, risk management and control you would ordinarily expect to find at work in much larger organisations.

Detailed requirements specifications, functional and engineering design specifications, detailed costings and quality plans are produced as a matter of course and ensure your project stays on track and within envelope.

We also practice iterative development, based on Rapid Applications Development Methodology . The method determines that prototypes are produced early-on in the development cycle and made available for customer evaluation. Practical success is about setting the right balance of formality and productivity for any given size or complexity of undertaking.